Smart Productions

February 2024
Smart Productions, the new department

Smart Productions is the events factory, the production center resulting from thirty years of experience, competence and creativity in corporate and theatrical productions. Productions in which cost optimization is our mantra.

We competently offer an innovative 360° service. From stage set-up to graphics, from video production to multi-projections with laser video projectors from Full HD to 4K, from video-mapping to holograms, with large projections with LED Wall systems with pitches from 3.5 to 1 mm, using audio systems – cutting-edge video-light.

• Creativity, Graphics Design

• Video Production, 3D Animations, Photography

• Streaming Audio – Video, Mobile Internet, Information Technology, Networks

• Scenographic staging design

• Spectacularisation, Guest Stars, New Talents

• Location, Catering

· Certifications, Security, Permits

• Reception organization, Secretariat, Hostesses and Stewarts, Interpreters

We manage the direction, project management and search for unconventional locations internally, so as to offer exclusive and unforgettable events.

We can’t wait to introduce you to all our new services and be part of your next big adventure!