Events production plays a crucial role in Meeting Project’s corporate strategy. We organize and provide technical and support services for corporate clients and agencies during conferences, concerts, meetings, live shows, and private events. 

Our team comprises skilled professionals: producers, creative directors, architects, set designers, engineers, conference interpreters, artists, wedding planners, flower designers, photographers, location managers, and tour operators, including local firms and associations. 

  • Location scouting 
  • Stage installations 
  • Technical arrangements and room set-ups 
  • Flower arrangements 
  • Catering  
  • Reception organization and management 
  • Secretariat services, event staff 
  • Special guests, entertainment, spectacularization 
  • Security service, pass management 

A major area of our activities is organizing companies’ hospitality services for their customers and suppliers.
Meeting Project has organized entirely or contributed significantly to events on behalf of:

Teatro alla Scala 

ECB (European Central Bank) 

IBM Italia 


Monza Royal Palace 

Unesco – World Culture Forum 

Milano Cortina 2026 – Winter Olympics assignment ceremony  

Biologique Recherche Paris 

Milano Beauty Week 

Milano Royal Palace – “The Last Supper” 

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